The baby box contains 4 deliciously gooey brownies that will be sent to your door each month. 

P&P included.



The Vegan Baby Box contains 4 chocolatey brownies which are all Vegan friendly! Every month they will arrive at your front door.

P&P included.



If 4 isn't enough, then why don't you treat yourself to 18 brownies each month.

P&P included.



Treat your family or co workers each month with our Vegan friendly brownie box. Where each month you will receive 18 brownies straight to your front door.

P&P included.

Fancy a sweet treat every month?

Sign up to one of our BAKE BOXES for just that!

How does it work?

Sign up today and purchase your subscription to receive a box of gooey chocolately brownies each month, delivered to your home or office! It really is as easy as that!


Will I get the same flavours each month?

We change our flavours every month so you can try all kinds of different flavours of brownie. Every month we will be updating our website with our current flavours as well, just incase you'd like to upgrade your BABY BOX into a BIG BOX, and receive an extra 2 flavours.

Do I have to pay more for the delivery cost?

Nope! All postage and packaging is included in your subscription price, so there are no extra costs! 

Do you deliver outside of London?

Yes of course! We deliver all across the UK, however no further at the moment. 

Monthly Brownie

Subscription Box


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